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"The relationship you always have to take care about is the relationship you have with yourself... Because no matter what you will always be with yourself."

- Ukuran anting : 12 mm x 6 mm
- Logam Dasar : 925 Sterling Silver
- Plating : Rhodium Plated
Harga sudah termasuk Box Perhiasan dan FREE KARDUS & Packing pengiriman, sehingga barang akan aman sampai tujuan.

Perhiasan handcraft dengan bahan dasar Perak 925, dilapis Rhodium, akan tahan sangat lama. Perhiasan kita hypoallergenic (anti alergi) dan bebas nikel.


Giada is a handcrafted earring made with 925 Sterling Silver and plated with rhodium. Beautiful piece of hoop earring, a sophisticated piece, simple and making statement.

Dimension : 12 x 6 mm
Base Metal : 925 Sterling Silver
Plating : Rhodium
Every jewelry purchased will be stored in its own boxes.

Rhodium plated 925 Sterling silver will give you a long last quality. Our bijouterie is hypoallergenic and nickle free.