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At AR Signature, we always try to bring more value. Serene collection has been our top of mind since we shift our business to focus more on natural gemstones and moissanite stone. We want to serve our customer with jewelry that not just beautiful, but also have more purpose, experience. Although spinning jewelry has been around since ancient times, AR Signature try to re-purpose with deeper meaning and function. Jewelry that will help us to get through difficult situation, anxiety, stressful times, help us focus. Serene collection will take us to serenity, initiate calmness, and mindfulness. 

We have been developing Serene collection for over than three years, finding the perfect fits the perfect built and settings. Our goal is for our customer to feel the calming and captivating experience like they never have before with jewelry. The design not only has to be beautiful and elegant, but need to deliver the experience.

In general, people wear jewelry as an ornament, as a statement of their wealth, or just a fashion accessories they put on to compliment their looks. With Serene, we want to offer something more, experience that you don't know it exists. As you go through your day, you will face unpleasant circumstances that you wish unseen to public, some people will try so hard not to make that gesture. By wearing Serene collection, you will find yourself getting over that unpleasant moment in elegant, confident, and clear mind. Especially for people with dermatillomania or skin picking habit, Serene collection can bring the utmost sensory stimulation.

First three design we are serving now are Lotus, Hummingbird, and Perla, all made with 925 silver plated with 18k solid gold or rhodium.

Lotus has more mature design with high jewelry look, drawing inspiration from lotus flower. Highest grade of natural fresh water pearl (3A) as the centerpiece, surrounded by spinning petals embellished with micro-setting moissanite pave.

On the other hand, Hummingbird brings more elegant youthful look, more playful vibes. The flower, zinnia, one of the flower that hummingbird loves in nature. We try to capture a moment where hummingbird is getting nectar from the blooming flower. Moissanite and  handcrafted hummingbird make the centerpiece, with spinning petal that you can play with.

Illustration by Yuka A.


Perla is a pearl earrings with design inspired by movement and space, strong but fluid. Contemporary design where flexibility is deeply needs in society, every one is moving forward but the world is always spinning (resembles by the spinning pearl). Statement ear pieces with experience.


We will bring more design and keep on developing our collection, these three designs are just the beginning of our journey. Wish you all a very blessed day.


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