How to Pamper Your Bijouterie

If you are reading this, means you care for your bijouterie and you want them to last the longest time. As a woman it is very normal to be obsessed with her bijouterie (jewelry). We just love to use bijouterie terms here, it makes us feel more connection to our jewelry, and somehow make them extra special.

Bijouterie is very delicate. Some proper caring might be needed for some products. That’s why we always included a care kit and instruction in every package send to our customers. In this blog, we are going to talk more about jewelry care.

Golden rule for bijouterie care is “the last thing you put on, and the first thing you put off”, then wipe your jewelry with given cleaning cloth after using. This is the simplest way you can do when you are in hurry. You don’t want your pieces to be in touch with chemical, even though your pieces are made of platinum and or diamond. Even we mention that some of our products doing just fine when in touch with chemical (body lotion / perfume / soap). But still, as bijouterie lover, I personally won’t do it. I would like to preserve their shine while wearing it, and safe me some trouble while cleaning it. Jewelry can get very dirty sometimes; you don’t want extra dirt from chemicals.

Now let us talk about how to properly handle types of bijouterie.


Pure 925 Sterling Silver (with no plating)

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Some of our bijouterie is pure 925 Sterling Silver (925ss) without plating. It is in their nature that 925ss will tarnish quite quickly when in contact with salty air, chlorine, sulfur, humidity, perspiration, cosmetics, household bleach and other strong chemicals, moisture and air, oxygen and sulfur (oxidation). The best way to keep their shine is to wear them often, the oil on our body will prevent them from tarnishing.

Best way to store your 925ss jewelry is on safe and dry place. We do recommend you to store them in the original box that comes with your purchase. Or you can put them in a zip lock bag with silica gel inside.

Some people do enjoy tarnish silver color (Patina). If you are one of them, that’s a true bliss. It is fairly easy to restore 925ss shine, just wipe them off with silver polishing cloth.


Gold Plated & Vermeil Bijouterie

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Gold plated and vermeil bijouterie is best suited for occasional wear. We use 925ss or stainless steel for our Gold Plated & Vermeil bijouterie metal base. Gold plated and vermeil basically is a tiny layer of gold over the base metal. This layer will come off eventually, for how long? That’s really depends on how you wear and take care of it. Some piece will even last for years or generations.

Any substance that isn’t PH neutral (perfumes, soap, beauty care products, makeup, etc) contains substances than can affect plated jewelry. That is why we always recommend taking off your bijouterie before any physical activities (washing your hand, cooking, showering, swimming, exercising, gardening, etc).

Gold is a very delicate metal, the higher the karat the more easily it scratched. That’s why it is a good idea to start making the golden rule as habit (“the last thing you put on, and the first thing you put off”). Also, store your gold-plated bijouterie in its original box or closed place. This will make your gold-plated bijouterie last a long time.


Rhodium Plated Bijouterie

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Rhodium is one of the rarest metals on earth. The asset is extracted from platinum, which is a rare metal. That makes it even rarer. It is hypoallergenic, extremely lustrous, withstands corrosion and is exceptionally durable, but due to its brittleness and hardness, it cannot be made into jewelry. The only way is to use it as platting.

The best way to keep rhodium plated sterling silver bijouterie lustrous and reflective is by avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasive equipment on your jewelry. Just like gold plated bijouterie, take them off before any physical activity. Golden rule “the last thing you put on, and the first thing you put off”.

Although rhodium is very durable, we still recommend you to store rhodium plated bijouterie in its original box so it will last even longer


Jewelry Grade Stainless Steel (no plating)

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Jewelry grade stainless steel is designed for daily use, it will not change color, tarnish or rust. But it is not scratch resistance, means over time, with out a proper use and care, it might turn dull because of the scratches.  


Next question is how to clean your bijouterie? As we know, lots of dirt, sweat etc. will stick to your possession after using. Bijouterie proper cleaning is crucial. 

The simplest and easiest way to clean is wipe it gently with given cleaning cloth (we have different type of cloth; we will talk about this later). For every purchase we will include a cleaning cloth in the package for free, please keep it save and use it when needed. Remember always store your cleaning cloth back to its envelope after using.

Overtime, you might need to wash your bijouterie, best way to do it is with lukewarm water, soft toothbrush and mild soap; please keep in mind that the soap you are using should not has fragrance or harsh chemical the milder the soap the better. Dip your bijouterie to a bowl of lukewarm water and a little dops of mild soap mixture, then brush gently. Rinse well with running water and let dry.

We hope you enjoy this article and hope it gives you insights. We wish you a great time with your bijouterie, take care of them well and share your story with us.


“Treat your bijouterie well and they will take care of you.”
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